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Cryptic World: The Connection With Apple/FBI Case Is Shocking

This era will remember this fight for a long time, but this battle for power will give rise to many other things. FBI never wanted Apple’s assistance; they are strong enough to crack any mystery. They tested the company’s loyalty and Apple didn’t act the way, they wanted them to. World dominance can come in many forms and the tech world knows, the amount of control Apple has. They were immovable and after the collision, Apple lost more than its pride. iPhone encryption was just an excuse to know about bigger things and FBI got the answers clearly.

Cryptic World: The Connection With Apple/FBI Case Is Shocking

User data is perhaps the most valuable thing now and every major organization is treasuring it. The noise has reduced a little bit, but Apple is preparing for a tougher battle. This pressure will constantly come and Apple’s resilience will determine many things. No party wanted to compromise and the issue slowly transformed into a tactical war. Supporting encryption is one thing and being rebellious is another, Apple never achieved the balance. FBI used encryption to get into Apple’s mind and they got trapped in the web. Surprisingly, both organizations were fighting for the people. The vulnerability of consumers made everyone worried and people accepted the fact that real privacy is a myth. It just doesn’t exist and we have gone too far in this road, turning back is not possible now.

When data sharing decreases, companies get worried, it’s very critical. There are no tech companies, now there are data companies. As the data consumption rate increases, the privacy decreases and in the near future, there will be no wall. Every move was pre‐planned by FBI, they waited for the things to line up as they imagined. Apple’s confidence is shaky now, the bigger force is rising and they have little time to react. FBI never tolerates arrogance and they proved nothing is unbreakable.

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