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The Thought Of An Echo Competitor By Apple Would Include A Few Changes On Siri

For those who have the Amazon Echo in their house, they must be convinced by now that when you talk about a good assistant that is voice controlled which doesn’t not necessarily live on the remote control or phone that you own however lives around you through the air, this is also where the Siri and Apple would need to be.

The Thought Of An Echo Competitor By Apple Would Include A Few Changes On Siri

Even before the report that was released on Thursday about Google’s work towards coming up with an Echo competitor. There have also been a lot of things pertaining to the fact that Apple should come up with a device that is very similar to the $180 device of Amazon, this includes an integrated microphone along with a small speaker that is similar to the Siri that is called Alexa.

A few thoughts pertaining to what Apple could do with such a product would include a small sized speaker. The devices placement should be in a location that is centralized and prominent. Even the audio quality of the speaker should be good and should also contain multiple microphones. It should provide all the necessary access to the data sources that is used regularly as well as read all the necessary information loudly.

There are a lot of features in Siri that holds a lot of importance for the company. While as of now it is compatible with the Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPads and iPhones, word has it that the company is working on an update for the OS X. If the central strategy of the company is Siri, then it should in the same manner be available for the customers or users. A good way to sell services pertaining to music would be by having a speaker that is well connected and smart which works really well This would make the product sell really well and also take care of the all the needs of the customer.

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