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iOS 9.3 Bug Fixed, Apple Sends Out Updates For Crashed iPhones And iPads

The latest iOS released by Apple is the Apple iOS version 9.3. As soon as the version was released, many users started to download it and update their iPhones and iPads. On updating their devices to the new iOS, a problem showed up. Whenever any link was being encountered by the user on almost any platform or app in the updated iOS, the device crashed or hanged instantly. Moreover, at times this crash remained for a long time before it got fixed, and started off again with the next encounter with any type of link.

iOS 9.3 Bug Fixed, Apple Sends Out Updates For Crashed iPhones And iPads

Afterwards, a fair number of reports were launched staying complaints about Apple’s latest iOS bug. Initially, Apple did not respond to the issue but as the number of complaints rose, the company made a quick and effective decision. They stopped the iOS 9.3 update and in a few days launched a new version of the iOS 9.3, the iOS version 9.3.1. This new version is actually the corrected version of the iOS 9.3 and nothing more. The users who had already updated their iPhones or iPads to iOS 9.3, can now update their iPhones and iPads via iTunes, since they cannot do it from the links available on the devices update section.

On the other hand, users who had not updated their devices to iOS 9.3, now have no need to install the iOS 9.3 and then get iOS 9.3.1. As stated earlier, the iOS 9.3 has been plucked away from the market and replaced with iOS 9.3.1. The new Apple devices, i.e., the iPhone SE and also the 9.7 inch iPad Pro comes in built with iOS 9.3. These users need to update to iOS 9.3.1 in order to get flawless service from their devices.

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