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FBI Keeps Methods Of Security Breaching A Secret

The case has come to a standstill after FBI had stated that they have information from a third party, who had offered to help the government investigation body to break the security lock of the Apple iPhone 5c confiscated in the San Bernardino case last year. As per the reports, the latest hearing of the case had been postponed by FBI after they encountered a third party who said they were capable of breaking open the security code of the Apple iPhone 5c. Due to this development, the FBI had declared that if the third party could do what they claimed, there will be no need for Apple in the future regarding such a case.

FBI Keeps Methods Of Security Breaching A Secret

Coming back to the case in hand, Apple was fighting against the FBI to make the court order placed by FBI, null and void. They fought tooth and nail to make sure that the court order wouldn’t follow through and Apple will be able to keep their security system safe from the government. With this recent development, Apple may have got what they wanted, but a new problem rose from them. If the other company can actually bypass Apple security on the iPhone, it will pose to be a threat to the company. Thus, even though it wasn’t Apple who had to provide with the code top bypass their own security system, the system was finally broken by a third party.

On the other hand, the FBI is not stating anything regarding to the how or what the third party is doing to break the Apple security system. This is actually making it a big risk for the company to keep the already present security system. Moreover, the company doesn’t even know on which sections of the security system the FBI is attacking on to break it, making it more difficult for the company to rectify the weak spot.

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