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Mysterious FBI: Hack Methods Will Never Be Made Public

The FBI wants complete control of matters from now on. They had the last laugh in court and now they will maintain a top level of secrecy. Apple gave a strong fight, but this iPhone battle is over. The information is out and FBI has used it to solve the mystery. But to avoid further controversies, the findings will remain in dark. Maybe some information was useful, maybe they got leads from different places, Apple will never know. This victory will affect things on so many levels and the future is not looking good. Apple demanded that the specific hack method must be revealed as they are involved in this matter. But the entire thing becomes useless now.

Mysterious FBI: Hack Methods Will Never Be Made Public

FBI stated clearly that outsiders had no business in this and they are not keen on giving out useless information. The tool is not that powerful, it works on specific models running on a specific version of Operating System. Other companies were contacted and things slowly became more mysterious. Normal people may be vulnerable too and extremely personal information can be accessed all the time. Safe messaging practices are necessary; WhatsApp took a major step, following Apple’s footsteps. But people know, no protection method is 100% safe and this is the ultimate truth. What started from Farook’s iPhone quickly became a global issue.

But Senators demanded an answer; FBI followed the orders and disclosed everything. Apple can only watch now as this drama has gone too far. Consumer technology is controversial, crimes can make matters worse. But security should be tightened and secure networks should be established. Edward Snowden pointed to a very controversial technique and as usual he included some shocking facts. Cellebrite worked hard to satisfy the FBI and it shows how far mobile forensics has developed. By 2020, we may witness a level of iOS security, which can’t be penetrated.

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