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InstaAgent The Instagram Password Stealing App Back Within App Store List Under A New Name

InstaAgent which is a malicious app had come into light since it was found out that the passwords and users name of Instagram members were being sent and stored into a remote server that was suspicious. As soon as the activities of the app had come to light, it was immediately taken out from the App store of Apple. However the recent word has it that Developer Turker Bayram who was the brains behind the InstaAgent has managed to get the approval of Apple as well as Google for two more apps. Both these apps are known to steal the account info of the Instagram users.

InstaAgent The Instagram Password Stealing App Back Within App Store List Under A New Name

David L‐R who is the Peppersoft developer was the one who had discovered the feature that the InstaAgent app had of stealing the password. Last week, a post was written wherein it was brought to light about the stealing feature of Bayram’s apps. The apps known as InstaCare‐Who cares with me and Who Cares With Me‐InstaDetector are available for iOS and Android devices.

The original app of InstaAgent had attracted customer’s since the promise was made that it could help them to keep a track of the people who were visiting their accounts with Instagram. Even the two new apps maintain the same promise. In the display list, the user can get to see who all are visiting their Instagram accounts by logging into their accounts.

When Bayram’s latest apps were investigated by David L‐R, it was discovered that an HTTPS packet which was suspicious was found. This lead him to discover that there was a complex process of encryption that was found wherein the information of the passwords and username was being sent to a server that was third party in nature and along with the hidden evidence. This was found in both the versions of Android and iOS of both the apps.

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