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The Public Opinion To FBI vs. Apple Feud

The last we had heard about the case that is going on between FBI and Apple was about Edward Snowden stating that it is absolutely rubbish that the FBI cannot gain access to the iPhone memory without the help of Apple. They actually have all the technologies needed to bypass the Apple security system that automatically erases all the data in the phone after a certain number of wrong inputs of the password. As per the legal case, the Congress had arranged for a public poll to determine the opinion of the public regarding the case.

The Public Opinion To FBI vs. Apple Feud

Since the iPhone in question belonged to one of the shooters of the San Bernardino case, it is important to get a final public opinion regarding the matter. Previously, it had been seen that most of the public were in favor of FBI regarding this matter. That is, the public wants Apple to provide FBI with the backdoor to iPhones so that the iPhone in question can be opened. As per the recent results of the poll, it seems that the public is gradually changing sides. According to the poll reports of the NBC and the WSJ, it can be seen that the general public are almost split evenly between the two parties. Although none of them have revealed any kind of numbers regarding the poll, but they have released this report. The only place where the numbers are available is CNET, who had not only given the numbers, but also reported on the poll.

Out of the whole lot, 47% had said that they are in fear about the government not actually trying their level best regarding the national security of the country and thus feel that Apple needs to help the government to allow them to give their best. On the other hand, 44% feel that is the government is given this amount of power; they will actually delve more into the lives of the citizens and encroach their privacy.

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