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Apple To Come Up iPhones That Cannot Be Hacked Even By The Company

The ongoing dispute between the US Government and Apple over the unlocking of the iPhone 5C that was used by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in San Bernardino has not got the company to start thinking about security measures which have to be stronger.

Apple To Come Up iPhones That Cannot Be Hacked Even By The Company

The company has started to work on a new concept where in they are planning to manufacture iPhones which cannot be hacked by anybody including the company. The reason behind them deciding on something like this is for the protection of the iOS devices. Off late there has been a lot of pressure on the company by the FBI to come up with special software that will act like a backdoor so that the authorities can break into the iPhone of Farook and access the information stored in it without losing any data.

The company was approached by the FBI in many ways so that it could help in unlocking the iPhone 5C of the shooter. They tried various ways to force the company to give in and follow the court’s order. Some of them were

a) Asking the company to create a backdoor to access the iPhone

b) Disabling the feature of Auto destruct after certain number of tried

c) In order to try various combinations, the time for brute force had to be increased

d) Reducing the waiting time window after ever attempt.

The engineers of the company have already started working on the security measures which will be enhanced. If the company succeeds in this move, which a lot of experts feel that it will happen, then it will create a significant challenge in the technical front for agencies of the law enforcement.

Even if the FBI and Obama administration wins the fight, and gain the access to the data on the iPhone, there will still be a challenge in the future. Experts say that the only way out of it is if the phone carries hep out by letting the officials access the data.

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