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FBI Gives It Back To Apple Stating That They Just Want Access To The Phone And Not Set A Masterkey On The Loose

It seems like the Government and Apple’s is on in full swing. James Comey, the Director of FBI on Sunday said that it was not a big deal if Apple would help in unlocking the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. On Sunday night, he made a statement stating that they did not want to set loose a master key or break the encryption of anybody. He also went on to say that that the vital decision pertaining to the safety from terrorism or terrorist is something that should not be left to companies that make a living out of selling stuff.

FBI Gives It Back To Apple Stating That They Just Want Access To The Phone And Not Set A  Masterkey On The Loose

Last week, the company got an order from a federal judge, they were told to help the investigators to get the necessary access from Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone 5C. He and Tashfeen Malik, his wife on Dec 2nd had killed 14 people in California’s San Bernardino.

According to what the company said, even they could not decrypt the iPhones encrypted data. The investigators just want the company to help in figuring out the password that was set by Farook so that the phone could be unlocked. They fear that the phone’s feature of wiping out the data fully after repeated but limited insertion of wrong entries can result in the loss of the data completely.

The company has already refused to comply. Their argument is that unlocking the phone can sabotage the whole concept of encryption as well as the privacy of many customers will be in danger. The battle ever since then has been with strong and firm statements and words that have been spoken to each other.

The battle has been playing out since the time Tim Cook on Wednesday said that the order was to force the company to develop the iPhones backdoor, on Thursday, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO says that they are on Apple’s side. On Friday one side Donald Trump, the presidential candidate said that unless the FBI does not get the help from Apple, it should be boycotted. On the other side, a motion was filed against Apple for the compliance of the order. On Sunday the dispute is downplayed by Comey where he argues that there will be no precedent set. This is possible if the company just goes along.

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