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Apple Focuses On 3D Touch, Live Photos In Latest iPhone 6s Ads

Apple is all set to make a difference in some way or the other, with the growing popularity and expansion of the various features the company is introducing; it is not letting any come on it’s way. Now the company has even targeted to make the ads speak out for itself.

The recent ads of the company is a set apart on its own, these ads spoke about the newly launched features the company has introduced in iPhone 6s. There were two different ads made for the two new features, one being for live photos while the other spoke about the 3D Touch.

If you look at the ad which spoke about the Live photos feature it shows you how the photo of the Cat can be brought to life with the feature. It also lets you know that using the iPhone 6’s feature the user can bring life into any of the photos that are taken just by choosing this option while they are taking the snap.

Now looking at the second ad which highlights the 3D Touch feature, this is a feature wherein the user does not have to apply too much of pressure when they are doing various tasks on the screen. Due to this, it helps to reduce the time taken allowing the person to focus on other things. It also shows you how without opening a video it could be watched or even browsing a site without having to go on it.

The features that have been introduced is said to help the user in various ways. These ads not only seem to talk about the feature, but also let the user know how they can be used. While the initial focus was pertaining to the tagline, the ones that have come out now are more towards the features and its benefits.

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