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Great Going! Apple Music Hits 11M Subscribers

Apple is practically unstoppable. From iPhone Sales to Apple Music subscribers, the company knows how to win. They are doing the little things exceptionally and this is what separates them for the others. Apple has a unique brand image and that is reflected in each of their products. Apple Music recently touched 11 million subscribers and the figure is outstanding. John Gruber covers many important topics in his blog and his latest podcast featured Apple’s top bosses –Eddy Cue & Craig Federighi. So where is Apple heading to? What are the future plans? They answered every question by providing valuable insights.

Great Going! Apple Music Hits 11M Subscribers

The numbers are impressive but Apple doesn’t want to stop. They want every platform to grow simultaneously and experience similar success. In Apple’s recent earnings call, it was announced that a total of 1 Billion devices manufactured by Apple are used all over the world. Many people have more than one device and this only expands their product ecosystem. For example, millions of photos are uploaded to iCloud by users every single week and this is absolutely amazing. Even iCloud has a user base of 782 million; Apple’s cloud is expanding every second. In just two weeks, Apple Music added another 1 million subscribers.

Talking about people’s reactions, Federighi said that negative comments can’t be stopped. It is not possible that everyone will like every product of the company. Some people will give positive reactions on that exact same thing and the company must stick to its principles. iPhoto was replaced with Photos app and many users didn’t like it. Craig also explained how he deals with matters like this. But Apple is cutting down on its free music services and pushing for subscribers, this model will boost the revenues surely. There are several other services like Spotify, Tidal, which are immensely popular too, so Apple Music has to compete with the best.

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