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Kanex Goes Wireless For Apple

Kanex, one of the top manufacturers of Apple Mac peripherals has come up with a new and improved wireless keyboard for the Mac laptops. This new range of keyboards will all be wireless, with several new features, but the best of the lot, the flagship of the series will be the MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard.

Kanex Goes Wireless For Apple

This wireless version of the Mac keyboard has quite a sleek and elegant design. Moreover, at the same time, it can connect with a maximum of four Mac and or iOS devices. With the flagship model, Kanex is also releasing a pair of smaller keyboards for smart phones as well as tablets, called the MultiSync Mini Keyboard for smart phones and a pair of new EasySync Keyboards for iPads. Both come in a variation of 2 in 1 covers, which converts into a tablet or a smartphone stand.

Andrew Troung, the spokesperson for Konex states that the MultiSync Aluminum Keyboard for Mac has a stylish aluminum finish and the MultiSync Mini Keyboard has a stainless steel finish, both of which will greatly complement the Mac systems. He also went on into saying that both the items are quite sturdy and durable for everyday use. Moreover, the keyboard has four keys which run on Bluetooth and allow the user to toggle between each of the four connected devices the keyboard is handling.

Like every other function that can be done on a Mac keyboard, the Kanex MultiSync keyboard allows the user to adjust volume, brightness and many other such simple controlling sectors. It also has a separate keypad and arrow keys for easy navigation, typing and game play. The Mini version of the flagship model is also designed in such a way that it will give the best usability but is quite compact to carry during trips.

All in all, the Kanex keyboards are all worthy of the Mac. Moreover, the best part about the Kanex keyboards is that its internal battery is powerful enough to last as long as two months on

a single charge.

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