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Apple Watch 2 March Release?

A rumor in December emerged that said that the March 2016 month will be the month in which we can expect the release of the next gen. Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2 as some call it. But this rumor is not true, as this launch Several well placed sources say that Apple’s plans at present only new design collaborations along with accessories for the watch. The Apple Watch 2 cannot be expected this March, as it is way too early, however new Mac laptops along with the much rumored 4” iPhone 6Cmay be possible.

Apple Watch 2 March Release?

A reliable source said ­ “Several things that I’ve heard (from several sources) indicate to me that we won’t see a new hardware model of the Apple Watch in March. Design partnerships, accessories, that kind of thing maybe but not a “Watch 2.0” with a bunch of new hardware features like a camera. I could be wrong, of course, but I’ve heard enough to put it out there. As with anything related to Apple hardware announcements, the tea leaves are hard to read and the companies plans can change (the advantage of never publicly announcing hardware). But as of now, March seems like it’s a bit too early to count on Watch 2.0.”

Apple launched the Apple Watch this last April, creating new Apple product category. Since it is new the upgrade cycles for the category remain a mystery largely. But still, the Apple Watch is said to be on a 18 ­month upgrade cycle plan. Well all that can be done now is to wait for production rumors, part informations, design schemes or parts/device photograph leaks, so that a decision could be reached regarding this Apple Watch 2 debate.

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