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Big Partnerships! Trump Tries to Help Apple, Cook Still Indecisive

Trump never forgets his promises; he pushes companies to do things. The great negotiator was not ready to listen to Apple, he just told his ambitious plans. Apple can openly challenge this, but customers will not be with them. American products shouldn’t be manufactured in other nations, it takes the jobs away. The powerful CEOs of Silicon Valley are worried; Trump is not a friendly guy. Tim Cook stopped the bitterness and contacted Donald. Mr. Trump answered him politely and talked about important things. Nothing is more important than winning the trust of people, Trump already has that.

Big Partnerships! Trump Tries to Help Apple, Cook Still Indecisive

Bill Gates also backed this guy, his stake is huge. Microsoft can’t stop doing business for one guy, they deal with people. Politicians come for a short period of time, companies do business for centuries. The war with Donald will not yield anything positive, Cook realized that. Trump has no intentions to hurt Apple; he wants the company to flourish even more. His job is serving the citizens, they have big expectations. Trump will not hesitate to take unpopular decisions; he wants people to lead a good life. He can’t make too many enemies in the business sector, Trump needs some people.

There is no point in strengthening the Chinese economy, Cook will readily help America. Some big plants can come up here; thousands of people will get new jobs. The income will slowly rise and unemployment will never touch America again. These achievements will make him stronger, the people will stay loyal. Apple even moved to Vietnam recently, Trump totally hates that. The former presidents never challenged these companies, the country suffered greatly. Cook didn’t describe anything, he just understood the matter. Tim will talk with his board and take some immediate actions. Corporations can get some incentives too, Trump will allow that. US workers must be prepared for this, they lack vocational skills.

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