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Apple Facing a Decline in Sales

We are almost in the last leg of the year and Apple is about to release their earning report for the third quarter. The earning of the Apple till end of the June will be released by the company very shortly. What is it to expect this time from the company. A lot of debate is already warming up among the people. Analysts say that Apple will be reporting a decline in their sales again this time. Apple faced a similar scenario in 2003 for the same quarter.

Apple Facing a Decline in Sales

Some analysts have forecasted the sales of the Apple. According to their market research, they predict the sales of the Apple to be somewhat in between 38 to 40 million units which is again a 20 percent decline in their sales as compared with last year. If estimates tie with the actual reports, Apple will surely be under a stressed worse year for the company. Apple has itself marked their revenue in between $41 billion and $43 billion. This is 18 percent lower than the last revenue of the Apple. Wall Street expects the revenue to be $42.1 billion. iPhone is responsible for more than 2 third of the total revenue of the Apple. There is some good news for the Apple as well. Analysts expect that the position of the Apple will be growing in the year 2017. Until 2017 the company’s is expected to continue with their losses.

For the tenth consecutive quarter the sales of the iPad is also expected to be decline. The sales of the Macintosh products are also expected to be going down. Tim Cook says that the decline in the Apple hardware is compensated by the growth of the growth in the service sector of the company. Tim Cook says that Apple shall recover the losses sooner.

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