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Snapchat Updates Emoji Options for Users

Snapchat the popular social mobile app has nearly spent 100 million US dollars to acquire Bitstrips. A formal announcement has been made today by the company that they will be integrating the emoji’s of the Bitstrips on their platforms. They shall be calling these emoji’s as Bitmoji. Bitstrips will be helping the users for creating personalized characters of the emoji for themselves on their own personal device.

Snapchat Updates Emoji Options for Users

Initially the app will be only launched for the iOS platform. The company is planning to launch the apps for Android and Windows later. The new integration of the Bitstrips into the Snapchat shall be allowing users to share the Bitmoji with the chats on Snapchat directly. The formal announcement of the integration has been made bythe Snapchat today on their blog. A detailed post on their blog has been shared about Bitstrips styled comic emoji’s.

The user shall only need an account on Snapchat and the app in their phone for using the feature which is going to be launched by them. Once the Snapchat has been downloaded user will have to download Bitmoji app for using the Bitmoji additionally. Once both the accounts have been linked together, the personalized emoji’s can be created easily. Snapchat was the first company, to launch stickers for the users.

The latest app launched for the user completely focused on the camera roll and also added a new feature known as Memories. Snapchat expects to add more number of the users by adding these options for the users. Snapchat has  been originally bought by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the original owner of the app. Marks says they will continue adding new features for the user and plan to improve the user’s base now. The update for the Snapchat with the latest Bitmoji feature will be sooner available for the users.

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