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Apple’s iOS 10 appears to Be a Total Mess

Within the 2 months of the release of the iOS 10, the claims of the Apple Company seem to be drowning big time. Much before the release of the iOS 10, Apple made some really worthy promises in their worldwide developer’s conference however all the promises seems to be completely fake. The latest iOS 10 from the Apple Company is full of bugs.

Apple’s iOS 10 appears to Be a Total Mess

There are tons of errors being reported by people who are using the latest version of the iOS in their devices. Apple should have paid more attention towards making their devices secure. They should have looked more into the security however what the company did is minor tweaking into the process of Apple’s touch id. While unlocking the screen, the screen lock should be a suggested application for the user however Apple in iOS is forcing the users to put the screen lock on their devices. The information being displayed in the notification area of the phone is huge and flashy. If the text would have been slightly small, tons of space would have been saved.

While clearing the notification by swiping, a huge buttons again appears on the screen for the user. The swipe feature on the lock screen is pretty harsh. While swiping on the lock screen for accessing the camera, it doesn’t always appear.

The copying of the text feature from the message is not available any more. There are some issues which is actually freaking me out: · Why has Apple made the night shift button been made so big?

· What is the meaning behind the colors of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons?

· Why has Apple made the night shift button so big?

· Why Apple has shifted their volume buttons on the second screen?

I am expecting some refining in the iOS 10 in next couple of months from Apple’s end.

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