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Sad Prediction! Apple’s Decline Becomes Stronger, Analysts Anxious

Apple passed through many stages, they experienced almost everything. Unlike other tech firms, they influence common people massively. The administration changed hands; new people came under the spotlight. Old products became obsolete, new ones took their place.

Sad Prediction! Apple’s Decline Becomes Stronger, Analysts Anxious

Sales went down for some months, it again became healthy later. This is a time to take the major decision, Cook can’t hide the flaws. They fixed many things in the last few years, but some loopholes are wide open. Can they create excellent products again? Cook can’t say this confidently, the previous attempts have failed.

As the legendary smartphone hits the ten year mark, expectations have increased greatly. In 2017, they can’t pack the same phone in a different box. They should have innovated earlier, it is too late now. If Apple falls, creativity and innovation will fall with it. Sudden increases will happen; this will create an illusion for Apple. This growth period will end very soon; android phones will eat up the market. Apple Music will cover up the losses, but the phone needs to create history. If iPhone has no buyers, the services will have no meaning. This phone was the pivot, the services surrounded it.

Every analyst has the same belief, they are thinking along the same line. Upgrade cycles are hampered, consumers are behaving differently. The affordable choices are testing their loyalty; it is hard to hold customers. The competition will not be easy, Apple must incorporate other technologies. Refurbished phones have decreased sales greatly, which is a deadly blow.

Another challenge will come from Trump; he can push them further down. This problem has one solution and that is innovation. Steve had no idea about the market, he invented the whole thing. Can Tim do that? Apple executives trusted Steve more, he was legendary. Apple possesses the strength to overcome the storm, technology has all the answers.

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