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4 Portable Power Banks for Your Apple Watch

It is not easy that while you are on the go to ensure that your Apple Watch is all powered up, this is considering the fact that in order to charge it, the magnetic puck that is used for charging is the only that can be Well it seems to be that there are a few companies that are coming up with power banks that can be used to charge your Apple Watch, here is a list of four of them. The Watch case power bank called Clear Grass Amber.

4 Portable Power Banks for Your Apple Watch

This is available at a price of $99 and is a charging case that is portable. It is beautiful, functional and is just apt for charging the Apple Watch. Presently those who want to get their hands on this power bank can do so by reordering it.

The Boostcase Bloc

This is priced at $79.95 and is developed by a company that is known to come up with fashionable tech accessories; this can be used to dock the Apple Watch while you are charging it. If you take a look at the piece, you will see that it is a perfect piece that reflects the craftsmanship and features that is offered.

The Nomad Pad

This is priced at $59.95 is a wireless power bank that is compact, this is a travel companion that can be used to charge you Apple watch and from a complete charge of the pod, you can go ahead and charge it three times 100%. The one thing that you would have to keep an eye on is the fact that you need to ensure you see when your Apple watch is fully charged.

Unity Pocket

Priced at $62, this can be pre-ordered and for those who want the 6 in 1 charging dock you can have it at the a retail price of $105 afterwards. . This comes with a protective case that is specially designed for the watch along with the charging dock. This will allow your watch to be fully charged 10 times without being plugged i as it can be used for a week.

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