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Growing Fast! Apple Pay’s Tremendous Popularity, Cook’s Revolutionary Ideas

Steve always gets the credit for pioneering futuristic products, but Cook can do something even better. The modern economy will remember him forever; he was already made that service. The civilization will work differently now, cash will become history. The payment service is not only limited to mobiles, it is present on the internet as well. Safari will get much-needed push, web payments will occur faster. Apple Pay proved its worth in the real world; it did make things look easier. As the card details are inserted, Apple’s highly powerful software gets the information.

Growing Fast! Apple Pay’s Tremendous Popularity, Cook’s Revolutionary Ideas

Other payment technologies are feeling the heat now, Apple is climbing up. The fresh new data is helpful; it will help users trust Apple Pay. The main websites have inserted Apple Pay, PayPal is also there. The convenience of this creative service is brilliant; users have to do very little. When 10k websites were considered, the rank was 5. The number didn’t change, when 100k fresh sites were considered. The leader is enjoying a much comfortable position, their lead is unassailable. Braintree and Stripe are close to each other, Apple will monitor them. Braintree didn’t get it easily; Apple’s brand did the magic.

Apart from iOS 10, it also touched macOS Sierra. More sites have to come under this magical service; Apple is pretty aggressive about it. They are not aiming for the ranks; they are trying hard to change the economy. On the flip side, credit card numbers are like gold to them. This can be exploited any day, it depends on Apple. Cook wants retailers to come forward quickly, card activations are happening everywhere else. Google lost this totally, their data is poor. Amazon never developed their payments platform; they had a powerful site though. The category was not easy; Apple meteoric rise proves a big shift is coming.

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