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Bug Fixes and Equalizer Support Now Available on Apple Music

A new update to Apple Music for Android was pushed by Apple, that will authoritatively bring the application out of its broadened open beta period. With the redesign, Apple Music for Android is presently in the 1.0 version, almost 10 months after it was initially discharge to the Play Store.

Bug Fixes and Equalizer Support Now Available on Apple Music

Notwithstanding bringing the application out of beta, today’s upgrade likewise includes equalizer settings, making control of playback of Apple Music as well as iTunes content, easy for users. On iOS, the Settings application will include the equalizer and not the Music application.

Past upgrades

Amid the 10 months Apple Music for Android was named a beta, Apple made an assortment of upgrades to the application and some of them has set the Android client far apart from the iOS siblings. For example, the application was upgraded not long ago with the capacity to save music files to the SD card to listen offline. Also, Apple Music on Android bolsters a home-screen gadget that offers effective open playback controls. Then again, Apple Music for Android needed support for elements like family plan and video playback till few months back.

Recent upgrades

The recent update goes somewhat like this- · Apple music has now come to Android. · Equilizer setting is available in this update. · Stability, performance and playback improvements. You can easily get Apple music for android on the Play Store.

What Apple has to say?

Apple claims that its plan is to bring Apple Music to everybody on the planet and let individuals  appreciate music regardless of where they are and what items they are utilizing. Going cross stage is strange for Apple yet essential for this situation with a specific end goal to go up against Spotify, Tidal and Google Play Music. The administration is evaluated to have no less than 15 million paying endorsers, versus Spotify’s 30 million as well as Tidal’s 4.2 million users.

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