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Big Plans! Samsung Trying Big Moves, Building Galaxy S8

When everything goes bad, extraordinary things must be done. Samsung will include the best features in S8, the phone will turn heads. They are not only challenging Apple, they are keeping Google’s innovation in mind. The announcement came on Sunday, their shift to AI will continue.

Big Plans! Samsung Trying Big Moves, Building Galaxy S8

Will Viv make it a better phone, only time will tell? The strange acquisition never interested rivals, Samsung still backed it. Galaxy S8 has a monumental job; the company’s fortune depends on it. They have made their share of mistakes; things are pretty serious now. The damages have happened on every field, Samsung needs time.

Dag Kittlaus is one smart guy; he has a name in the field. Siri is a legendary assistant; Viv is yet to achieve that status. They believed AI can change technology, this is their big moment. Google’s Assistant cheered up people; it has already begun performing well. Viv’s executive team will not feel any pressure, they will still function independently. Samsung wants their expertise; the control will be with Dag. Developing is one thing, but readymade solutions are different. Samsung gave the necessary fees, they didn’t have to intervene is internal matters. From home appliances to wearable devices, voice control is coming very fast. Competitors have done well, but no one created history.

Smartphone industry offers many challenges, Samsung always tackled them well. The debacle came from nowhere, it derailed their growth curve. The brand needs magic, Viv may produce that. Some services become so popular that the original device’s popularity increases. Siri lacked key upgrades, Viv is already advanced. In 1Q17, Samsung lost $5.4 billion, it is brutal. Assistants will become more powerful, they will basically do everything. Viv will attract other agents too; various services are analyzing the marketing prospects of Viv. The true winners now enjoy freedom, they love this technology.

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