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Apple Music to Now be Available for iPhone Users in Israel

It seems to be that finally the wait for Israeli users who have been waiting for Apple Music to launch is finally over. Even though on the official website of Apple, it is still listed as the service will come soon, however there have been reports that a few users reported that within the Music App, they are getting prompts that they can use the service.

Apple Music to Now be Available for iPhone Users in Israel

Just like the regular offer, the iPhone users of Israel will get the benefit of having the free trial of 3 months, after that they will have to either opt for the individual plan which starts from 19.90 ILS. At 29.90 ILS the individual can choose the family plan. If you convert it to USD, it is around $ 5.22 for the individual plan and the family plan is around $7.85.

Apple Music had been released initially a little more than a year ago, over time, the rolling out of the service has been happening across the various countries. Presently around 110 countries support the service. However the availability of the various features and services it offers differs from one place to another due to the restrictions that are set on the kind of content that can be featured. IT is also based on the deal made between the company and the artists and labels that are present locally.

You will get to see the complete list of countries where the service of Apple Music is available. This list is updated regularly due to the fact that the service is still rolling out. The update of the launch of the service featured in Israel is yet to happen. Recently there were rumours about the company is planning to launch the service in Korea. There was even word about deals happening between the local officials and the company on this front.

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