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Apple Upgrades Transit Coverage for Prague on Maps

Apple is doing a lot of good stuff for the people while updating maps for them. Apple maps were in no comparison with Google maps few years back. In fact most of the users of the Apple were using Google maps on their devices due to lack of data. After hearing a lot of complains from the users, Apple started taking the charges sincerely and started working upon developing their maps.

Apple Upgrades Transit Coverage for Prague on Maps

A lot of features have been added by them since then. Apple is working bit by bit on their maps. Apple added the facility of finding parking spaces on their maps last time. It shall enable the user to easily find the nearest parking space and their charges on the Apple maps.

Now Apple is offering the direction for the transit on their maps for the people living or travelling in Czech the capital of the Prague. After doing their bit in United States, Apple is coming back with their focus on European nations. The latest facility being added for the users now they can easily spot railways buses and trams while they travel. Till date some of the places carrying information about the transit coverage included Berlin and London in United Kingdom. Outside China and United States there are very countries which are updated with transit support in the Apple maps.

Some of the other places where the transit information has been updated include Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Rio De Jenario (primarily because of the Olympics games). As mentioned above, Apple has partnered with Parkopedia for updating their maps with all the parking information for the users. Though the features will only be limited for United States currently. Apple is working on adding more space to their maps and sooner their maps will be updated with a lot of valuable information for the users.

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