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Use your Apple Watch to Control Your Nest Thermostat with the Latest Nest App Update

When it comes to Tado or Nest and other such smart thermostat, the selling point that is said to be the key is that it should one’s that do not require a person to control them manually and allows you to mentor and customize it the way you want even if you are not at home. However,  there may times when adjustments may just have to be made manually, at that time, it is essential that the process should be easy and convenient, Well keeping this in mind, the official Nest app has now recently added the support for Apple Watch.

Use your Apple Watch to Control Your Nest Thermostat with the Latest Nest App Update

Over time we all know that Apple Watch has become compatible with various home app  providers which allow you to go ahead and control the various devices in your house. The app that has been specially designed for your Nest thermostat, allows you to do just that. For those who are using the Dropcam cameras and Nest Cam, there have been a few enhancements that were updated. This included

1) Allowing the grouping of the Nest products as per the rooms and giving you the ability to see all of them at the same time.

2) Live view of the camera can be shared easily with the help of a password that would be for better protection.

3) For the Dropcam Pro the 1080p Support

Clear and continuous picture with the help of adjustments that can be done to enhance the video quality automatically.

If you are interested in downloading the Nest App, you can do so by logging out to your iTunes and getting the app for free. In May, the Nest support had been brought back b the switches of Belkin’s Wemo. With the help of the presence detection feature of Nest, the devices that were connected were allowed to switch off and on automatically.

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