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No official support still available for Apple Pay test by CVS

U.S. drugstore chain CVS seems to be testing support for Apple Pay. However, the company has disclosed that there is no official dispatch date till now. Rather, at present they are only evaluating the mobile payment feature. Records of incidental CVS areas accepting Apple Pay exchanges have happened for around a month on Twitter. A recent news received by AppleInsider that recommends exchanges are working in an area in Key West, Fla.

No official support still available for Apple Pay test by CVS

Action taken by CVS

CVS has additionally gone to Twitter, expressing that it is not accepting Apple Pay officially. Moreover, they are also not accepting any other mobile based payment platform on NFC. In this regard, the organization commented that they are assessing portable installment alternatives for their clients.

CVS has fallen behind opponents Walgreens and Rite Aid to gain some support. Overhauling a mainstream store for Apple Pay can be a noteworthy. But, a business must upgrade its back- end as well as put some money into marketing and at the NFC-fit terminals. Smaller organizations can make utilization of less expensive Apple Pay– users associated with payment options like Square.

More to convey

As a result, the main merchant assistance for Apple Pay, has proceeded much slowly than the compatibility of the credit unions and the banks. Indeed, even as the company comes to nations like Switzerland and Singapore, numerous U.S. retailers who have demanded support — like, Chick-fil-A, JCPenney, Forever 21, and Anthropologie — have yet to convey.

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