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How You Can Run Your Own Mac Server

One of the words that come to mind when we hear the word technology, is server, while for some this may be a room that is seized like a warehouse, for a few others it could be more racks with few crates of computers. There are a few which may also feel that it just may be eyes that are glazing over along with sweaty palms. However the need to be scary or mysterious is something that may not be applicable with servers.

How You Can Run Your Own Mac Server

The reason is because a server is the place where information is stored and is nothing but a computer. Even other computers can access the information and services that are offered by the servers. Even though it may seem to be very complex, however it is actually an invaluable and simple tool. Some can also go ahead and run a mini server with a Mac.

The first use of the Mac can act like a portal for your home network, and even when you are not in the house, the data can be accessed, controlled and even seen when you want it. There are various services that are offered which allow you to perfume different kinds of tasks and actions.

Another use of the Mac as a server is if you want to gain access to the iTunes Library for streaming your music into your Macs and iOS devices which are alike. Though certain media types can be accessed, however you may not be able to use cloud to store them like audio books.

Your Mac can also be used as a vault wherein all your important documents can be archived easily. With the help of the Photos and iTunes libraries, the copies can be downloaded and even other kinds of data can be accessed that is not stored in the cloud.

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