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How to Find the List of Devices Associated With Apple Id

This is for those people who have used a lot of iOS and Mac devices. Over the years a bundle of Apple id’s has piled up under my name. I have got good number of iOS and Mac id’s due to all the devices, I have used over the years. Here is how Apple finds what all you have in your name and what they allow you to do with them:

How to Find the List of Devices Associated With Apple Id

· Authorizations for iTunes: Apple launched the iTunes music in the year 2003. Apple allowed the users to play iTunes on unlimited iPods however only 3 computers were allowed that time. Later the number of computers was raised to 5 by Apple. Apple later dropped the digital rights for management from the sales of the music in the year 2009. The restriction on 5 computers still exists however.

· iTunes in the Cloud: You will find the option for the iTunes in the Cloud option in your iTunes itself. It shall the users to find all the devices you have authorized for copyright protected digital media from Apple’s end. The list can be found in the manage devices section.

· Device list of itunes: This is the place where you will be finding the list of the five Macintosh devices and the unlimited iPods which are using. The final and the new limit for the iOS devices is 10 now from Apple for the users which includes 5 Macintosh devices Today the Apple is using a two factor authentication process for the security purpose of the users however earlier Apple had the 2 step verification process for the users. It always prompted the list of the devices which were being used. Most of the shown devices were old which has not been used for several months now. Apple needs to work on it.

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