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Extremely Accurate! Apple Watch Lauded By Customers, Cook Elated

Tim Cook deeply thought about the product placement, before launching Apple Watch. The iPhone is needed by everyone, the iPad is also extraordinary; but the watch was not that indispensable. It is a relatively new product and people needed it much later. The technology is also taking small steps; there is a huge room for improvement. Cook told people to give this device a chance; it can really do many things. The stats are super impressive, normal products don’t have this kind of stats. The device constantly gives out fitness tips and increases the metabolic rate; the health aspect is very attractive.

Extremely Accurate! Apple Watch Lauded By Customers, Cook Elated

To make this product indispensable, Apple needed to work on the various fitness capabilities.  Customers will not be interested in another “smart” device, if they already have a costly phone. It is true that the watch is cool, but fashionable products have a very small market. The selling point needed a boost; Series 2 unveiled a powerful fitness tracker. The chip does it work correctly, it tracks biometric data accurately. If users are pleased with accuracy, they don’t want anything more.

A clinic in Cleveland explored the various capabilities of this magnificent device and the findings impressed Apple workers. Some adults were selected for this purpose; an electrocardiogram was used as well. The heart activity was measured accurately, Apple Watch showed no difference. Some other products like Fitbit Charge, Mio Alpha, Basis Peak, etc. were far behind.

The various activities used were resting, jogging and most importantly walking. Humans show different heart rates while doing these things, Apple Watch recorded everything. Apple knew about this study, but they were surprisingly silent about this. Fitbit was furious after watching the outcome, they criticized the study. They never made medical devices; they handle fitness in a different way. Their accuracy rate is 94%, which is not bad at all. Meanwhile, Apple Watch kept changing lifestyles and influencing millions.

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