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Controversial Spotify! Company Targets Apple Music, Cook Shocked

Spotify decided to take the dirty road and punish Apple, this will not be good for them. The services are very close to each other, as far as the competition is concerned. Apple is generally known for minimalistic designs and clean interfaces, but Apple Music is different. It has thousands of album art, heavy graphics and numerous features. Spotify displayed things clearly; they get full marks for this. The company really doesn’t concentrate on free subscribers; they always plan about converting them. The ads are really annoying and they disturb the whole experience. Using “adblockers” can help to a certain extent; but some ads bypass that.

Controversial Spotify! Company Targets Apple Music, Cook Shocked

The small advertisements are popping on various platforms; they want users to get rid of them. Apple Music never focused on paid users, they wanted brand loyalty. Spotify’s numbers exactly  show their motives, it’s a different approach altogether. Free ads are extremely dangerous, it has malware in them. The innocent looking ads enter a computer system and slow down every other process. Malwares are also used by hackers to steal information and lock remote computers. Spotify has no association with these organization, but their server has malicious software. The most dangerous ones are coming on Safari, Apple kind of expected this.

The first occurrence in 2011 tamed Spotify, they again became ignorant. The big switch to Apple’s service can begin; Spotify has zero plans to tackle with that. The company said sorry in 2011, they have to say that gain. The security loss is dangerous, it is harassing the customers. If a lot of people can’t use the free platform, the paid segment will never get users. The team is performing a detailed investigation; the solution will come in 72 hours. Apple Music will not be harmed with this, they have their protection tactics. Developers witnessed this in Linux and Windows too. They tweeted the logs for the public.

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