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Bad Reports! Apple Watch Is Unpopular, Company Worried

The time has come to rethink the strategies again, Apple Watch permanently failed. The company’s bold tactics didn’t help it, users took the ultimate call. The condition was same in 2015, this year things didn’t change at all. The watch will say for 12 months, the first impressions are terrible. The rejection happened due to various factors, KGI analyzed them.

Bad Reports! Apple Watch Is Unpopular, Company Worried

Their yearly sales will also be bad; they can’t tackle a 15-25% change. After some months, the production units will also get the order. A huge loss in the field of wearable technology will hurt Apple; this will question their innovation strategies.

The giant came to this difficult market in style, they controlled the ‘Smartwatch’ demographic. The initial success made them arrogant, they were watching extraordinary sales. These watches should be convenient, the market has tremendous potential. No company has explored the market in a detailed way; they made quick products to win customers. Apple’s own watch apps are terrible, some foreign apps are satisfactory. The device is handicapped to some extent, if performs selected functions. The previous model was cheaper, the externals are same though. No product is capable of boosting sales, small bumps are negligible.

The production dropped by 2 million, it destroyed many subsidiary industries. The selling time is also shorter now; Apple is trapped on all sides. Separate revenue structure is not released for  Watch, Apple keeps it hidden. They just mention the number of sold units; no pride is associated with Apple’s watch. KGI was brave to mention the faults, they slammed Apple. Apple didn’t spent time in testing this interface. It always depends on the iPhone; users are more connected to their phone. The biggest drawback is the battery, it annoys customers. Customers became frustrated while handling it, they saw no improvements. There are numerous fitness devices; these products are fashionable and powerful.

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