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Focus On iPad! Apple Targets Table Market, Designs Better Products

Apple thought making thinner tablets will be enough, but their calculation was entirely wrong. They thought Microsoft is dead, but Bill’s company destroyed them. Their keynotes were totally perfect; the products directly competed with Apple. The innovation happened on a whole new level, Apple will not reach there so soon. Jobs thought deeply, this clever thinking is missing.

Focus On iPad! Apple Targets Table Market, Designs Better Products

Apple makes design changes, they are too proud of their pencil. Microsoft’s interface is easy; they are sticking to the basics. KGI interacted with some Apple sources and got this brilliant news. If Apple can’t beat them in the quality department, they want to beat them in the quantity department.

In 2017, they will release as many as three models. The products will float in different times and the market condition will also be different. The first product will analyze the market; the second one will bring in changes. They will develop all kinds of sizes; shorter models will get the most backing. Size is definitely an important factor, but it can’t cause major changes. External dimensions will be tampered, iPad Mini never created any hype. The phones entered that niche and totally replaced them; unique tablets will be removed from the market. Apple’s reaction time is very less; one mistake can push them backwards.

The only thing exciting about Apple is the ecosystem; users don’t want to change that. Superior products have now been released, it pleases everyone. Apple was doubtful about Smart Connector, it didn’t serve their purpose. The tablet market has confused Apple, they have lost track of the metrics. Cheaper products have outfoxed them, Microsoft has buried them totally.

Though the market is not totally dead, but Apple needs something dramatic. Small tweaks will do nothing, they need drastic shifts. Basic sockets will stay; tablet users are free from that tension. Tablets are tricky products, Apple missed the growth trends.

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