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3D Touch Feature Back in Facebook Messenger

3D Touch support was enabled in Facebook Messenger since last December and recently the same feature has been expanded inside the app too. This feature was mainly incorporated for taking any Quick Action using the app. Utilizing the most recent flagship iPhones, the users of Facebook can Pop and Peek inside Messenger to get access to any information and preview any notification with the help of the pressure-sensitive show feature.

3D Touch Feature Back in Facebook Messenger

3D Touch Feature Back in Facebook Messenger


New features added

Messenger particularly highlights, 3D Touch capacities in areas like contacts, discussions, photographs, recordings, stickers, locations and links. To get a better feeling of how 3D Touch works in Facebook Messenger, simply long press the display through different parts of the application.

The Peek feature gives you a chance to see data with a long press. After that the Pop feature opens it completely with a stronger press. You can likewise swipe off after taking a Peek to avail more shortcut alternatives. These are normally not available without extra interactions.

Check recent updates

The most recent update of Facebook Messenger, incorporates a format fix for clients testing iOS 10 beta. Earlier, a minor issue obstructed the most important discussion from perspective and this problem is now solved with the coming of the recent update. It has also been announced by Facebook that it will include encrypted conversation too on Messenger. Best part is you can now avail Facebook Messenger on the App store for free.

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