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Mixed Results! Apple Pleases Customers, Spotify Expands

Pioneers feel competition too, no company is lagging behind. They are catching up really fast to beat another music giant. Music’s next chapter will be written by them, confidence is at its peak. Apple joined the party after six years; a lot was done in the mean time. This fragmented industry needed something universal, Apple music brought together many stars. J.D.

Mixed Results! Apple Pleases Customers, Spotify Expands

Power studied the growth curve; they will say interesting things about customer satisfaction. Like most of their services, Apple Music also made people happy. The competitors were slow to react to problems their rank dropped subsequently. The ecosystem got bigger; the road is much smoother now.

One app is constantly running on Apple phones, music lovers can’t live without Apple Music. It never pushed users to pay money, the satisfaction had to increase. This is not Apple’s main revenue generating machine, it is an additional model. They consider it as a branding tool, the traffic is very impressive. It just fits well with other related apps; things can be synced well too.

Foreign apps easily fall out of place, this application is familiar. The commitment is superb; users will never hit the uninstall button. Google’s streaming service is just behind, Spotify has a similar percentage. On an average, 28% satisfaction is enough.

Digital music will have one ruler; Spotify will do anything to win. They need help from others, new companies are eager to work under their banner. Apple has no plans to acquire streaming startups; the opportunity was realized by Spotify. Apple’s road just became tougher; Spotify’s expansion plan is brilliant. If ‘SoundCloud’ gets the right money, they will eagerly transfer ownership. They will release their IPO and combat Apple’s aggressive strategy. User base increase is not the only agenda now, partnerships are massively important. Spotify badly needs base, they require a wide range of customers.

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