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Going Global! iPhone 7 Launches All Over, Apple Watch Doing Good

Apple has been extremely bold about their 2016 product; they are promoting it really well. From the design to the performance, Apple promised to give an unmatched experience. The first phase work has been done; the most important phase has begun now. They have to distribute it in various countries and make sure everyone gets it. The response from different customers will be recorded; it will help them build better products. The preorders started as early as September 9, the hype paid off really well. The product was first distributed to 28 nations, they were quite happy about it. In September, they will take the total number of countries to 58, quite ambitious indeed.

Going Global! iPhone 7 Launches All Over, Apple Watch Doing Good

The phone is not the only product though, they have watches too. A special model called Hermès will also be up for purchase. People never used it before, they are really excited. The different countries include Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Taiwan, Spain and others. Tim Cook believes that first steps are extremely important, it determines the direction. Apple has always served creative people, movie stars and singers are using iPhones for years. Internet connectivity is also a vital thing, as the iPhone’s richness can only come out if the speed is high. Some countries are getting connectivity, while others are shifting from one level to another.

In India, 4G networks are rolling out slowly, Tim is very optimistic about the prospect. There are some amazing tools on these devices, Apple will make that possible. They will create a new generation of concentrated creators, who use the true potential of the internet. The watch entered 18 countries previously, the sales started sluggishly. Apple will give special attention to slow markets and reach a comfortable position by 2017. From editing videos to keeping track of fitness, Apple’s world domination has started.

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