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Apple Backed by Clinton’s Tech Platform

Hillary Clinton, an eligible candidate for the post of President of US, created a tech platform to mark certain issues regarding technology and to propose how to better those. “Initiative on Technology and Innovation” is the name of Clinton’s platform which voices many important topics like encryption, patents, privacy and education. Undoubtedly, these matters need proper surveillance for the betterment of the population.

Apple Backed by Clinton’s Tech Platform

What drew more attention than the words of tech platform is the fact that the proposed things have a huge similarity with the proposals made my Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive. We know, great minds think alike but this amount of similarity was quite spell bounding.

The Proposals

As mentioned, the tech team of Clinton focused mainly on four topics: privacy, patent, education and encryption. In case of privacy, the policy is to provide the customer with adequate protection, so that no one can trifle with his/her personal data. About patent, the remark of the team is that it needs to be reformed for better performance in this digital era.

Under ‘Building the Tech Economy on Main Street’ falls the topic of education. The Clinton Clan claims to provide Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics i.e. STEM education to all the American students keeping in mind, a thought about their future.

The FBI wanted the court to give a verdict on the tussle about encryption on their side so that Apple creates software to hack the encryption of suspected persons but Clinton’s team negated this demand of theirs for the sake of freedom. They do not think that people need to choose between privacy and security, rather both should be provide alongside with keen vigilance.

All these proposals echoed the Tim Cook’s suggestions. Both of them share same views about not giving in for encryption hacking, privacy, reforming patents and spreading education. Apple is trying its best to work as per the suggestions and this indirect support will boost them up.

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