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Good Start! T‐Mobile Happy with Apple, iPhone 7 Gaining Momentum

Apple finally got some good news and iPhone 7 is ready to rock. T‐Mobile only collaborates with powerful brands; they have zero tolerance for mediocrity. People started ordering iPhone 7 much earlier and that number is quite impressive. Last year, iPhone 6 brought Apple down; they didn’t make the same mistake this year. The records have already started breaking; Apple’s marketing team can pat themselves on the back. The design team also deserves praise, as their hard work is finally bringing the results. T‐Mobile is a vibrant brand; they have a happy environment in their office. They care about their employees and customers, business should be conducted in this way.

Good Start! T‐Mobile Happy with Apple, iPhone 7 Gaining Momentum

The number of new customers is 2015 were 8.3 million, they dominated everyone. T‐Mobile was optimistic about Apple’s latest product, they were not wrong. In just 4 days, the picture became clear; iPhone will create some new records. Apple’s revenue will also increase simultaneously; the brand strategy was right on target. US customers are still loyal; they are backing Apple and supporting their products. Other companies are constantly trying to lure their customers, but they keep on choosing Apple. Every mobile carrier is reducing the prices; T‐Mobile started it in 2012. They had a model in their mind; they needed people to understand that. The model is finally working; people are making the right choices.

Apple needed the setback in 2015, they revamped their entire strategy. Investors need more information about this; they want to put more money in Apple stocks. The growth period will continue for some time, they must take the big decisions immediately. T‐Mobile did massive promotions in 2016; that has generated some interest. Mobile carriers rescued Apple this time; they want a large share of the profits. John Legere started the discussion on Twitter; it was a great day for this guy.

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