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OS X Fully Compromised Through the New Mac Malware which is Said to Be Dangerous

A new piece of malware has managed to work its way through the mac system of Apple. With the help of the latest malware, attackers who want to gain the complete control of OS X can now do it. The new malware gives attackers the ability to get into the systems of the OS X through the backdoor that is provided through it. This is done with the help of the converter application of fake files by the script being embedded. This application is said to be found on the various Mac app’s reputable sites.

OS X Fully Compromised Through the New Mac Malware which is Said to Be Dangerous

Bitdefender Antimalware Lab’s Technical Leader, Tiberius Axinte, stated that this particular kind of malware is not easy to detect and is dangerous in particular. This is because the control of the entire system which is compromised is at the hands of the attacker. She also illustrated it with an example stating that a person can even be locked out of their own laptop along with being threatened to restore all your files which are private. Through this virus, even the laptop of the person can be transformed into a botnet which can be used on other devices for attacking purposes. Through this there are endless possibilities and harm that can be done.

As per what has been found by the researchers of Bitdefender, the EasyDoc Converter app which carries the malware poses as a file converter that has the drag and drop feature. However, when you look carefully, apart from the fact that onto the machine, the malicious script is downloaded and there is no functionality in the actual sense. A Tor address is created which is unique through the Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor malware. Through this the machines which are infected gives attackers the ability to fully access and connect to the completely system of the files and even capture videos and images using a webcam.

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