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Exit Strategy Used by Samsung as They Have Separated the OLED Business From the Production of LCD’s

It had been reported by the Korea Times, that officially now from the OLED business division, the Samsung Display has been separated. Now the news that has hit is the fact that now there is a new outfit which is focused on OLED and a few employees has also been shifted into the new section. The decision that was taken by the company was to provide the necessary help that was needed in the restructuring of some of the business that was said to be unprofitable for the company. Due to a few Chinese competitors who are said to be less expensive, it became less sustainable for the company in the production of LCD’s that is used for tablets and phones.

Exit Strategy Used by Samsung as They Have Separated the OLED Business From the Production  of LCDs

The exit strategy as it has been termed is said to be an official step that the company has taken from the business of LCD production, this is because now for the company, the production of the display technology is said to be unprofitable. While they still plan to keep their place in the LCD business, especially due to the line‐up of HDTV, however when it comes to OLED‘s, the view of the company is that it will take a bigger share in the market for personal computing for small sized and medium sized displays.

Well the reason update that was made to Appleinsider by Samsung Display was denying the fact that the report that Korea Times had released was not true. The company still has plans to come up with the product development for both OLED and LCD products.

It was also reported that a bulk of assembly has come up on Samsung’s bucked for the OLED displays, and that is said to be for the upcoming flagship of Apple’s iPhone which is said to be launched by 2017.

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