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Trademark of the Night Shift of Apple on Car, Watch and Mac does not Mean Anything

A headline which was said to be misleading on Patently Apple has lead to various kinds of speculations that have been made about the plans of Apple bringing the feature of the Night Shift to CarPlay, Watch and Macs, While this is something which is very much possible, however there has been no hint on the trademark of the company on this front.

Trademark of the Night Shift of Apple on Car, Watch and Mac does not Mean Anything

The feature of the Night Shift is said to be introduced with the upcoming iOS 9.3 this is a feature in which various kinds of adjustments can be made in terms of the display’s white balance towards colors which are said to be worn during the day’s end. The theory behind it also the fact that it will help in promoting sleep which is better and is said to be in tune with light that is natural.

There have been evidence that has been seen in regards to the fact that the feature is said to be brought by Apple is being pulled out from the application trademark. The problem with this is that at the end of every piece, this is something which is said to be noted. However when it comes to the Night Shift, there is nothing in specific that can be seen.

In the various other devices, things that are listed include fire extinguishers, integrated circuits, bags, chargers, batteries, earphones, radios, styluses, computer cables etc. With this it is safe to say that Apple does plan to even include the Night Sift feature to the other Apple devices.

Another thing that has to be brought to notice is the fact that the Night Shift as you would imagine, would not actually help in sleep promotions as significantly as expected. The Display experts have made an analysis where in they stated that it would be a rather limited impact that can be expected from this feature.

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