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Promotions Offered on Transactions Made through Apple Pay

As a part of the promotion for the iOS App Store, third party retailers such as Ticketmaster, Grubhub, Uber and Hotel Tonight are providing a discount on the payments that are made through Apple Pay for the purchases that are made in app. Peter, a reader of Appleinsider had spotted the Advertisement of the promotion that was uploaded on Twitter, There are various saving features that can be seen on the different purchases that are made from e‐retailers who deal with entertainment, food, travel booking etc. The tweets that were related to the promotion were made for the official account of the Apple’s App Store.

Promotions Offered on Transactions Made through Apple Pay

There were various kinds of offers that had been described this week which had been updated by most of the apps that were participating. For example, if a customer uses Apple Pay were being offered a $25 coupon from Hotel Tonight for the payment of the bookings. This was restricted to the purchases that were made which were $135 and above. Similarly, for the orders that were made first time Grubhub, a $10 discount was offered. Even Ticketmaster on selected events knocked off 25% off on four pack tickets.

The UA Shop of Under Armour provided a voucher of $10 for the purchases made in the future, Even during the promotion period, even prizes were being given out by a few apps. Like, if a customer booked a hotel room from now until Sept 1st, with Expedia there would get a chance to either win Expedia points worth $500 or a trip to New York. For the users whose transactions were done through Apple Pay, companies like Kohl’s or Dunkin Donuts were offering extra loyalty points as rewards. Apart from that even Fandango offered $5 coupons and various other apps also offered some benefit or the other.

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