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Prioritize Your Downloads in iOS 10 with the 3D Touch Action Feature

Beta testers are slowly discovering the various features of the latest iOS 10; one of them is a shortcut that is enabled through the 3D Touch. This is said to be beneficial especially in the case if users have multiple downloads and would like to prioritise them. It also allows them to pause the download on a temporary basis so that the one that has been scheduled for downloading on priority can complete first.

Prioritize Your Downloads in iOS 10 with the 3D Touch Action Feature

On the earlier versions of the iOS until the iOS 9, the user had to run through every app for pausing them if they did not want to download it first. This was the only way they could go ahead and prioritize the download of their choice. It is said that with the iOS 10, this has become a lot easier and is also said to be less frustrating.

The 3D Touch had been introduced by Apple in their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus flagship. However, due to the various restrictions that were faced in regards to its compatibility with the iOS 9, it resulted in the fact that the potential of what the company had expected could not be reached. Now with the launch of the iOS10, the company has cone ahead and made a few changes so that the 3D Touch advantage could reach its maximum potential along with adding some extra features which is said to be really beneficial for the users.

The 3D Touch Priority download is said to be a boon especially in cases where there is limited access to WI‐Fi and prioritizing the download is really important. With this you can be rest assured that only what you want will be downloaded on immediate basis, while the others will be placed on hold until it is their turn. This way the pile can be cleared with a more systematic and better approach.

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