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High Tech Mysterious Van Spotted, Could Apple Be Behind Its Wheels

In regards to the electric car project, it seems to be that the Silicon Valley’s secret facility of Apple seems to be running in full swing. However, well hidden from the plain sight is the technology behind the autonomous. It was spotted by observer who was eagle‐eyed while driving the Golden Gate Bridge, what was seen was something that looked like the mapping van or the self diving car of Apple. There were a lot of sensors that is armed in the vehicle. The observer not only managed to spot the car, however even took out a picture of it which has gone viral online.

High Tech Mysterious Van Spotted, Could Apple Be Behind Its Wheels

By the looks of it, the car did not seem to be driving itself. There was the co‐pilot and driver sitting inside and taking out a few measurements. Another thing that was spotted in the vehicle were a couple of cameras which could be used when a person wants to capture photos which look very similar to Google Street View, these were located on all four corners.

While speaking to Cult of Mac, Brad Templeton, who is an expert, is Self driving cars and also runs RoboCarblog stated that the chances are that in order to map data, it could be a possibility that the vehicle had been used for that.

He went on to say, that the car which is in the picture looked more like a street scanning or a mapping car, however was not the one that is meant for self driving. He further stated that the data which could be collected from this car could also be used for the one that is self driving and that is something which is not impossible.

Working along with Tesla Motors, the electric vehicle project is something that has not really been a secret. It is yet to be known if the car that will come out of the gate will actually be equipped with the self driving technology or not. Well the one thing that we can be sure of is that the car will surely look a lot better than the Fort Transit can.

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