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Review For Bose Quite Comfort QC35

Bose is known for their inevitable quality headphones. They are one of the bestselling and known companies across the whole headphones market. Undoubtedly Bose products are costly however they’re totally worth it. The last noise cancelling headphones by Bose was launched 16 years ago in 2000 and now they are again up with their new model of headphones in market which is QuietComfort 35.

Review For Bose Quite Comfort QC35

The headphones are available in Black and Silver. The headphone looks sturdy in a deep combination of Nylon and leather. The cushions of the headphones are well cushioned and comfortable on ears too at the same time. The headphone is very pleasant to look, touch and feel at the same time. The best part about the headphones is, they are easy to wear. You can put it on whole day and still won’t feel tired. The headphones are sleek and as lean as it could have been possibly designed by the company.

Bose promises to be delivering 20 hours of wireless music on any device under a single charge of the headphone. The headphone is made for the wireless listening. The headphone comes with the standard 3.5mm Jack for plugging in any device. The headphone also supports Bluetooth connectivity to go wireless with any device. It can be easily connected via NFC too.

Bose QC35 comes with LED lightning display which is much helpful while charging the headphones. There is an app also available with Bose. The Bose connect app can be easily downloaded for both Android as well as the IOS devices. The headphones are tested in noisy environment too. It has passed all tests, it works like a charm. There is a very beautiful and elegant casing available for the headphones where it can be easily packed and kept. Going by the final review, though it pricey that is being sold at $350 however completely worth looking at.

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