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Enjoy Your Europe Trip this Summer with Unlimited Data Plan for Free by T‐Mobile

T‐Mobile has come up with some really good deals for their subscribers. For the Americans who are planning to take a vacation in Europe this summer, there is a good deal in store for you which can be really beneficial, the deal that is being offered by T‐Mobile for it Simple Choice customers.

Enjoy Your Europe Trip this Summer with Unlimited Data Plan for Free by T‐Mobile

Through July and August, it is said that the company is providing a speed data which is free and unlimited above the regular 128 kbps limit. IT was officially announced that throughout the summer, the company will be providing a 4G LTE Speeds and high speed data which is unlimited throughout Europe.

Apart from Andorra, the Simple Choice customers will get the free access without any cost. You can capture various moments of your European holiday and share it with your friends and family. Given the fact that the normal charged for data during roaming can cost really high, the per GB cost of $0.00 is something which is very tempting. Around the world the person can also text anybody without having to pay anything for it. Within Europe, the per minute cost for making calls is around 20 cents.

There are no small prints in this deal unlike the others. The only condition here is that you have to be based in America. Another thing that has not been specified is the usual disclaimer about the termination in case the use is said to be excessive.

For those who are not travelling that far, there is something in store for you that are offered by T‐Mobile. You can get the GoGo Wi‐Fi service for free for an hour on the flights that are domestic. This is applicable even for those who are not customers of T‐Mobile. Even Verizon and AT&T customers can avail this offer since it would be applicable for them also.

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