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Lawsuit Tossed by Judge in Regards to the Touch ID Repairs which Trigger Error 53

Out of two lawsuits that were filed against Apple, One has been tossed by a Californian US District Court Judge has recently over the glitches of Error 53. This happened when an unofficial technician tries to alter the Technology of the Touch ID of the iOS device.

Lawsuit Tossed by Judge in Regards to the Touch ID Repairs which Trigger Error 53

Judge Vince Chabria who was hearing the case stated that the plaintiff had no standing and that is the reason the case was dismissed on Monday. The claims in regards to the fact that the data was lost were not separated from those that were made over iPhones that were defective.

The false advertising claims were also rejected by him on the grounds that the plaintiffs had claimed about the fact that while marketing the iPhones, Apple was aware of the Error 53, however evidence to proof this had not been provided by them. In his ruling he commented in writing that it was not necessary that just because a product has been designed by a company that the various flaws attached to it would be known by them.

The case could be re‐launched potentially by the plaintiff if the complaint they made is amended to demonstrate harm. One of the plaintiffs had been pointed at by the judge in regards to what had been stated by him pertaining to the fact that when he restored the factory settings, he had lost his data. As per what was noted by the judge, he stated that as per the complaint that was made originally, this was not identified as a loss that could be considered. In Seattle, there is an ongoing case in regards to the Error 53. An iOS update had been pushed by Apple, however, until then those who tried using Touch id sensors which were fraudulent, their devices had been bricked and they got affected by the issue.

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