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How the Stanford Video of Steve Jobs Inspired Cleveland

How LeBron James the native of the Cleveland inspired his team and mates to comeback in the NBA Championship against Golden State Warriors. The NBA championship was morally over for LeBron James and his team mates. They were looking for an inspiration, something which helps them connect their soul with their mind and make them work harder to get back in the series.

LeBron asked everyone to gather in the room before the commencement of the game number 3. He played a famous video clip of Steve Jobs which was actually a portion of his speech given by him in Stanford University in 2005. Richard Jefferson (The veteran player aged 15) listened to the complete speech. He Was about to sign with Dallas Mavericks this summer however DeAndre Jordan changed his mind. Jordan started having another thought about the change of team. He clearly mentioned that if Cleveland wins, he won’t shift anywhere else then.

Jeff Said, Jordan changed his mind about the change and called his agent to tell him that he can’t go there. He said, if Cleveland wins and goes to the finals he would like to stay with the team for a little longer time period. Jeff played a key role in the game while Cavs adjusted with the smaller line up of the Warriors. Jeff also spoke with Kevin Love. Kevin started reading about Steve jobs and engraved his quote Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish wherever he could. In fact he was deeply moved and inspired with Steve Jobs. He also started writing the quotation on his shoes to remind him all the time about the famous quotation of Steve Jobs. He also ordered a shirt possessing the quotation from Steve Jobs for himself from a company in Akron. LeBron also played the speech couple of days later after the game.

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