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Ear Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker User Review

If you are looking for ultimate classic Bluetooth speakers with good quality of sound then you should be looking at UE Boom 2. Though the price of the Bluetooth speaker is slightly high however still it is bought and cherished by a lot of people. The speakers were launched a year ago however it was launched in India last year. It is priced at Rs.15, 995.

Ear Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker User Review

The design of the Bluetooth speaker is sleek. It is available in some interesting colors which makes it a worth to look at. The tube like design makes it easy to carry and hold. The speaker comes with a fabric cover which makes it very convenient to hold even with sweaty hands. The bottom and top of the speakers is sealed so that accidentally when kept on table water does not sink in the speaker from the bottom. The power button is at the top of the speaker and the volume bottom is at the side of the speakers. It comes with the portable option of charging with Micro USB and attached is the 3.5 mm jack for

In order to use the speaker in the wired mode, it should be kept horizontally. The flaw with the speaker is that it does not come with any play pause button. In order to stop the playlist the speaker should be tapped at the top, it is slightly uncomfortable while playing the songs. The boombox of the UE weights around 544 grams. The battery life can go up to 15 hours till it hits back for another round of charging. There is an app on the Android and the iOS device for controlling the sound and the play and pause on the device. Over all it is a good value for the money, though it is slightly costly too and can definitely burn a hole in your pocket

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