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Adobe Adds Pro Feature Enhancements for Photoshop

Adobe has recently made some updates for Creative Cloud desktop apps and is shipping them too for all the subscribers. The new pro features includes after enhancements for the Photoshop plus, Experience Design (XD) Preview and so on. Photoshop CC is also getting the upgrade of Liquify tool.

Adobe Adds Pro Feature Enhancements for Photoshop

It allows the users to create some good looking artistic effects for their images. All the dimensions of the face such as the eye, nose, mouth and face can be easily covered using the Liquify tool. Another very intelligent cropping tool by Adobe is Adobe Demoed. It is a very advanced tool which automatically fills up the gap whenever the picture is rotated vertically or horizontally making the picture look natural.

There are some good improvements also added for the Photoshop CC. The Photoshop CC has also gained the additional feature of font tool match recognition. The update will automaticallysuggest the user on the available fonts in the system. Some virtual reality related upgrades has also been added to the software. Summarizing all the updates, here is the list of the latest additions to the software:

· The VR facility in Adobe Premiere Pro CC which also includes the field of view feature.

· The new Adobe Design preview features for the users which is available in German, French, and Japanese languages for the users.

· Animated character preview which means that the real life speech and body movements are matched with the animated version to make it look real and appealing to the users. This could be a great asset for video and film makers.

· It also allows the users to export the assets in multiple formats using a single click. There are a number of very good features added in the software which can be largely experimented by the users for their work profile.

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