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Periscope Button Being Bought As an in App by Twitter

It seems to be that Twitter is doing whatever they can in order to help bringing a person’s thought to live when they broadcast it. The recent news that hit the headlines in regards to the Periscope button which is something new that the company is coming up with. This is an option that would be available when the tweet is being composed, once the media is selected that you have chosen, and then there is an option that is called Live.

Periscope Button Being Bought As an in App by Twitter

Using the Periscope option, the user can go ahead and broadcast it live. The user will be promoted to get the app by downloading it. The key advantage that Periscope has over Meekat as it is Twitter’s subsidiary. The ability to go live with the help of quick access will give the benefit to more people who swish to try it. However, on the other hand, the downside is that Twitter has struggled with the fact that terrorists and harassments have been using its network. In such cases, this can be really hazardous considering the live broadcasting there is availability.

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